Volunteer Spotlight: Barbara


Name: Barbara Astrini

Current City: Raleigh, NC

What inspired you to get involved with FWD.us? 

First, Jose Antonio Vargas told us it was okay to talk about immigration. Then Mark Z. came out with the rest of the tech community, and as an immigrant woman in tech, I found a platform. There are millions of DREAMers fighting the good fight because no talent should be wasted, and the U.S. is our home.

What team are you volunteering on and why? 

Content team. It is important to not only be passionate about a cause, but to go to the front of the lines to do something about it, and FWD.us' methods fit perfectly with my skills. I'm an animator and graphic designer and occasionally dabble on social media analytics, and I use these tools to spread the word.

What has been your most memorable moment so far in organizing for immigration reform? 

Seeing so many people coming out and telling their stories in complete candor at our first happy hour. There was definitely a sense of trust and camaraderie, even though many of us had just met. At the end of the night, the server told us the story of how her father is finding it impossible to get back to the States to see his American wife and daughter. Everybody has a different story and angle but we're all in the same fight. 

Favorite quote?  It's between Caesar's "Veni, vidi, vici" and Tim Gunn's "Make it work."

Favorite food? Rice, in any style!


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