Gang of Eight Plan: “A Solid Step in the Right Direction”

Posted by on April 17, 2013.

Washington, DC – Joe Green, Founder and President of, released the following statement today on the Senate Gang of Eight’s bipartisan legislation to achieve comprehensive immigration reform:

“We applaud the political courage of the Republican and Democratic senators who have put forward a bipartisan plan to fix our nation’s broken immigration system. While we continue to examine the bill, many of the commonsense principles we advocate for are represented:

- Tough, effective border security measures, including providing law enforcement the tools they need to secure the border;

- A simple and effective employment verification system to ensure that employers play by the rules, and to crack down on those who abuse the law;

- Modifications to the new worker program to include an increase in the number of H-1B visas to attract the world’s best and the brightest workers, while implementing reforms that encourage this talent to reside permanently in the U.S.;

- Establishing a pathway to citizenship for immigrants currently living in the United States who do not have legal status; and

- Reforming the legal immigration system to better strengthen the American economy and American families.

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“The United States has been built on the ingenuity and drive of immigrants, and in the tech community, we know that in order for our country to remain globally competitive, the President and Congress must reform our country’s archaic and broken immigration system. We hope that Senators along all points of the political spectrum will join their Gang of Eight colleagues in working in a similar bipartisan fashion to achieve significant reforms, and we will work with them on a bipartisan basis to ensure critical visa programs are workable. will continue to advocate for comprehensive, bipartisan reform that will attract innovators, build prosperous neighborhoods with strong families and good jobs, and ensure the U.S. continues to lead the world in the growth of the knowledge economy.”

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