First FWDMonthly Held in San Francisco

Posted by on October 16, 2014.

The San Francisco Chapter hosted their October FWDMonthly this week, an exciting meet up for individuals in the tech community aiming to have a greater impact in politics. The event brought together a diverse group of new and returning individuals ready to use their expertise to solve political problems like immigration reform.

Jay Nath, Chief Innovation Officer for the City of San Francisco, was on hand to present his perspective on tech's ability to interact with and potential to innovate government. Nath emphasized the shifting perspective on the role of data, and how innovators, civic hackers, journalists, and even artists are finding ways to innovate with data. He made clear that governments have a role to play in making their information accessible to the public, while highlighting his team’s work on behalf of the city and their commitment to open data.


“Our citizenry is not just there for services…or working…but to be part of the solution,” said Nath. He continued, "Data can be a medium of collaboration and cooperation."

Following the discussion, project teams met for the first time to begin strategizing. Chapter Program project teams focus on actionable tasks split into three buckets: Co-Founders, 2.0, and the Democracy Project. The Co-Founders Project focuses on using social capitol to build a movement, the 2.0 Project leverages the specialized technical skills of chapter members to shape the national narrative on critical political issues, and the Democracy Project asks members to reimagine advocacy and consider how to inspire engagement in the community.


“Chapter members stayed after the discussion and continued networking late into the night, to develop action plans designed to help pass immigration reform, in addition to brainstorming more ideas get members of the tech community involved in politics,” said San Francisco Organizer Michael Brodsky. “Exciting conversations continued long after the panel ended, and we really champion this kind of meaningful engagement.”

The night’s conversations were vibrant, energizing, and full of interesting ideas. 


San Francisco’s FWDMonthly meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. Help us work toward making comprehensive immigration reform, and other policy changes critical to the tech community, a reality: become a Chapter Member here.

Thank you to our event hosts for the evening, Ameredia -- a multicultural advertising agency founded by San Francisco's Co-Founder Project Lead, Pawan Mehra.

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