Take a Selfie for a Cause Using Selfies4Reform!

Posted by on May 01, 2014.

We're excited to announce our newest advocacy tool in the fight for immigration reform--#Selfies4Reform. Reach out to your Member of Congress in support of immigration reform by doing something as easy as taking a selfie.

#Selfies4Reform is a tool we're using to try to make advocacy fun and engaging. You can now show your support for immigration reform in one of the most popular ways in the digital age.

When you take a selfie for immigration reform using our new app, we'll send it as a postcard to Congress and they'll see real faces of real supporters. It's simple, and yet very powerful.

Several high profile supporters of reform have already taken selfies: politicians like CA Gov. Jerry Brown and Rep. David Valadao, actors like Jared Leto and Adrian Grenier, and even supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio.

#Selfies4Reform are like letters, but more fun, visually engaging and unique.

It’s easy to use the app.

1. Download the #Selfies4Reform app for iOS or Android, or visit fwd.us/selfies.
2. Take a selfie. (Don't forget to be creative!)
3. Tell your Member of Congress why immigration reform is important to you.
4. We'll mail your postcard.
5. Share your selfie on Twitter or Facebook!

#Selfies4Reform could really make a difference. We’ve spoken to staff on Capitol Hill and even members of Congress about it, and they said a selfie postcard would definitely stand out. Every Congressional office receives letters, but how many receive selfie postcards from constituents?

I’ve already taken a bunch of selfies with friends and supporters of immigration reform. Trust me: It’s definitely worthwhile, quick and easy.

Download the #Selfies4Reform iOS application here.

Download the #Selfies4Reform Android application here.

Use #Selfies4Reform from the web here.

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