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Join tech leaders like Mark Zuckerberg and thousands of others in urging the Supreme Court to uphold President Obama's executive order providing relief for millions of immigrant and American families.

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Timeline The Road to the Supreme Court


Support Comprehensive Immigration Reform

In 2013, FWD.us was founded to unite the tech community and members of Congress from across the political spectrum to fix our broken immigration system. The Senate passed a bipartisan bill but it stalled in the House.


FWD.us Urges Pres. Obama to take Executive Action

In November 2014, President Obama announced executive action to provide relief to millions of immigrant children and their families.


Poll: Americans Oppose Mass Deportation

As the presidential election heats up, FWD.us released new polling showing that 3 in 4 Americans oppose mass deportation and favor a pathway to citizenship.


File Amicus Brief at Supreme Court

FWD.us founders joined 60 other tech leaders in filing an amicus brief with the Supreme Court urging them to keep families together and uphold executive action.

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Quotable Quotes What Leaders are Saying

Allowing these aspiring Americans to continue to work and contribute without fear of deportation or being separated from their families is the right thing to do morally, economically, and legally.
Rep. Judy Chu
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
As an immigrant, I felt not just OK to come here – my family escaped the Soviet Union, we came here as refugees – I felt welcome, like this was the place to realize my potential. If you take that away, it starts cutting at the foundation of what this country is.
Max Levchin
Co-Founder, PayPal
We are faced with a choice at this pivotal moment in history: to turn away from our founding principles or reaffirm America as a place of opportunity for people who only want a better life.
Eric Garcetti
Mayor of Los Angeles
As a pastor I see every day the rising human toll of our failed immigration policies, especially on families and children. The immigrants in our communities came to this country with hopes and dreams for a better life for their children. They are no different from the generations that came before them.
Jóse H. Gómez
Archbishop, Archdiocese of Los Angeles

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