Chicago vs New York

Posted by on August 20, 2013.


Volunteer teams in Chicago and New York hosted competing phone banks at the end of last week, complete with a Google Hangout between the two location so the teams could see their "opponents."

The NYC event took place at the SoHo office while Chicago volunteer leader Ujjwal Gupta hosted the team at Benchprep's office, where he is a co-founder.


The two phone banks had over 30 attendees and made hundreds of calls, with each city claiming victory in at least one metric.

The Chicago team recruited volunteers to participate in their upcoming Chicago Day of Action on August 22nd, as well as new potential leaders.


Both cities also committed new supporters to call Congress.

There is a lot of activity coming up in Chicago and New York. The phone banks were a fun way to increase support and unite as a team around immigration reform.


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