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Posted by on October 24, 2013.

We're excited to announce that Tim Armstrong, John Fisher, Dick Kramlich, Jon Oringer, and Greg Penner are joining our movement and contributing to FWD.us to help pass comprehensive immigration reform and move the knowledge economy forward. They are just the latest supporters to join our diverse group of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and job creators like Steve Chen, Bill Gates, and Padmasree Warrior, all of whom are committed to helping fix our broken immigration system so that it works for American families and the American economy. After a successful August recess, members of both parties continue to put forward good faith efforts to pass meaningful reform to fix our broken system – a clear signal that momentum for real reform continues to grow.

We’re thrilled that these respected tech and business leaders are joining our growing coalition to help pass meaningful immigration reform. As the debate heats up even more, we’re redoubling our efforts to organize and engage the tech community, and we’re honored to have the support of Tim, John, Dick, Jon, and Greg as we continue our work to fix our country’s broken immigration system.

Tim Armstrong


Armstrong is the CEO and Chairman of AOL, Inc., a position he has held since 2009. Previously, Mr. Armstrong worked at Google, where he was president of American operations.

John Fisher


Fisher chairs the board of the non-profit KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) Foundation, which oversees the national network of KIPP public charter schools. He is also co-chair of Charter School Growth Fund with fellow FWD.us supporter Greg Penner. Fisher is the son of Gap, Inc. founders Doris and Donald Fisher.

Dick Kramlich


Dick Kramlich is Co-Founder of NEA and currently serves as Chairman of the NEA Management Company. Since co-founding NEA in 1978, he has been involved in ten companies that have grown from start-up or near start-up stage to companies with market value in excess of $1 billion.

Jon Oringer


Jon Oringer is a New York City-based entrepreneur and the founder of the popular stock media website Shutterstock. The company has enjoyed robust growth since its inception, growing from 30,000 royalty-free stock images in 2003 to over 28 million as of October 2013. Shutterstock has also recently launched Skillfeed, an online marketplace for learning and Offset, a high-end image marketplace.

Greg Penner


Penner has been a General Partner of Madrone Capital Partners, an investment management firm, since 2005. Previously he held various senior executive positions with Walmart Japan and Walmart.com. He is a director of Baidu, Inc., Hyatt Hotels Corporation, and Walmart Stores, Inc. where he chairs the Technology and eCommerce Committee.



We’re growing every day, and we’re proud to have the support of this latest round of entrepreneurs. They’re terrific additions to our team of supporters – and we’d love for you to get involved to help pass these critical reforms, too.


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