Organizing Update: VentureOutNY Panel & Philly Tech Meetup

Posted by on October 11, 2013.


"Stories From The Trenches" with VentureOutNY

On Thursday partnered with VentureOutNY to to host an event showcasing immigrant entrepreneurship. "Stories from the Trenches" was a packed event, attracting a diverse crowd of entrepreneurs, members of the Silicon Alley community, and supporters of immigration reform.


To begin the program, seven startups founded by Israeli entrepreneurs gave rapid one minute pitches on their ventures. This was followed by a panel discussion with three successful immigrant startup leaders, who shared their "Stories from the Trenches" on the subject of the immigration system and its effect on their entrepreneurial efforts.


Each founder talked about their troubles with the immigration system and offered advice for those in the audience through a Q&A session. Organizing Director Lisa Conn wrapped up the event with an introduction to and educating the crowd on what actions they can take to help fix the immigration system.

Philly Tech Meetup


On Wednesday was invited to share our vision at the Philly Tech Meetup, a monthly gathering of Philadelphia's most active technologists, entrepreneurs, investors and the broader innovation community. This great group gathers regularly to see demonstrations, launch products, and meet their future co-founders, partners and funders.

phillytech4.jpg sponsored a happy hour following the demo where over 50 participants joined to learn more about Look out for the next event in Philly at Venturef0rth on Monday, October 28th.


Watch our full presentation below to get a feel for what how is reaching out to tech-minded groups across the country:


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