Organizing Update: Expanding to North Carolina

Posted by on October 03, 2013.

Over the past few weeks organizing events have been held in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Redmond, Boulder, Las Vegas, Chicago, Raleigh/Durham, Boston, and New York City!


San Francisco

Last week, 50+ leaders in the tech community gathered in support of a common goal - to reform our broken immigration system.

The event was held at Hatch Today, a co-working space in the SOMA district of San Francisco and home to approximately 150 companies ranging from bootstrapping entrepreneurs to established startups with several rounds of venture funding.


To begin the evening, supporters networked and shared stories over drinks. After brief introduction by Western Organizing Director Raquel Mata, the group split up for breakout strategy sessions designed to brainstorm innovative ways to use the resources of the technology community to help urge Congress to pass immigration reform.

Check out this video of the event:

The event could not have taken place without the help of Martina Culjak and Fabien Degaugue from Instaply, a startup focused on revolutionizing business communication.


photo_1.JPG held its first event in Washington at the end of September. The introductory meeting and strategy session was held on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington. Over 60 people attended the event and attendees were excited to sign up for future events and volunteer shifts.


What began as an introductory meeting quickly transitioned into a full-fledged strategy session with the group breaking up into action, growth, and content teams brainstorming how they could push the immigration reform movement forward. The event was largely possible due to amazing volunteer Sahil Sethil, who handled logistics and ensured the evening went off without a hitch.

North Carolina


September also saw the launch of the North Carolina chapter of They held their very first meet up at HQ Raleigh, a shared entrepreneurial workspace, and hosted a happy hour at Tobacco Road Sports Bar in Durham just last night.


Forty people gathered together last night in Durham, North Carolina to discuss immigration issues facing this country. The crowd included members of the tech community, entrepreneurs, and many other professions. advocates Chris and Barbara gave an informational presentation and immediately organized attendees to commit to call their congressional representatives. The group also got started on planning upcoming events in North Carolina, and brainstorming ways to share their immigration stories with the broader community, both in their state and online.

The event is just the beginning of what we know will be great progress for immigration reform, not only for North Carolina, but for the United States as a whole.

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