One Year Later, Still Thankful for Our Incredible Volunteers

Posted by on April 10, 2014.

This week we are commemorating the one year anniversary of Looking back at what we've been able to accomplish in a year's time, we wanted to highlight the work of our volunteers and most vocal supporters of immigration reform. Without these members, our efforts would not have been possible.

Smarak volunteers his time with in Silicon Valley. As an H-1B visa holder, he has an incredibly powerful perspective on why immigration reform matters. We recently highlighted Smarak's story in a Built By Immigrants video.

"Like every cloud has a silver lining, the friends I made in my immigration advocacy groups are the silver lining of my story," says Smarak. "I realized that there is common thread that binds us all together--the thread of hope, of perseverance, of tenacity, of hard work, and of sacrifices that binds us all together."

Hamzah was one of the first volunteers for in Boston and Rhode Island--he even preceding current staff on the ground. He has participated in multiple events with as well as bringing new opportunities and events to on a monthly basis.

Hamzah continues to make connections between people working in tech and local policymakers. He uses every opportunity he can to promote the mission of and share our mission with potential members.


Ishita is an extraordinary volunteer, who has dedicated invaluable time, energy and effort to in Chicago. Ishita is highly invested in the immigration reform movement due to her H-4 status that limits her from using her graduate degree in Computer Science or even obtaining a drivers license.

She single-handedly organized several direct advocacy initiatives and events in Chicago before we had organizers on the ground. Ishita is great at convening people together and has built an even broader support base of engaged volunteers.

Arunansu has been helping in New York City from the beginning. He has always been proactive and committed, and has yet to miss an event. He even volunteered on his wife's birthday! Arunansu is central to our social media presence on Facebook. He updates our New York City Facebook group every hour with new articles about immigration reform.

In addition to Smarak, Hamzah, Ishita and Arunansu, countless other volunteers in cities across the country have stepped up to the plate and spread the word about immigration reform in new and creative ways. You can also check out previous volunteer spotlights on Barbara in North Carolina, Raunaq in New York City, and Andrea in San Francisco! We are beyond grateful to have the support of these volunteers!


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