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Make sure your voice is heard in your community – write a letter in support of immigration reform to your local newspaper editor. Pick your city and follow the guidelines below.

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Talking points for your letter:

  • Immigration reform needs to happen now.
  • House Republicans should stop stalling and pass reform now - every day without reform costs our economy $37 million dollars.
  • In the meantime, President Obama can take some meaningful steps to help keep families together.
  • We need to fix the immigration process to help attract and retain more talent to build businesses and create American jobs.

Tips for writing your letter:

  • Keep it short and concise -- many publications do not use letters over 150 words.
  • Share a personal story to show why our broken immigration system needs reform.
  • Always include your name, phone number, and street address -- many newspapers will not allow publication from anonymous senders. Check with your local paper's website for details on their policy.

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