Lunch with Dave Morin

Posted by on August 09, 2013.


One dedicated volunteer had the exciting opportunity to have lunch with Dave Morin, founder of Path, at their headquarters in San Francisco on Thursday. Blake Harrison won the lunch after participating in our contest for our Day of Action to call Congress. As a young immigration lawyer, Blake has seen first hand the turbulence caused by our immigration system, and is volunteering with to help pass reform.

"I was most interested in learning about why Mr. Morin personally got involved with and what about the immigration system motivates him to want reform," said Blake. 

Over a casual lunch, Dave shared his experience founding Path and the obstacles he and his partners encountered getting started.

"Path could have been founded two years before it was," said Dave, but due to immigration complications, starting the company was delayed. 

Morin cited the emotional turbulence caused by a confusing immigration process and mentioned multiple potential hires who are currently "stuck" abroad.

"[Path] is now in it's second year," said Dave. "Imagine, instead, if we were four years in? Where would we be by now?"

Dave also shared his background as a descendant of Polish and English immigrants on both sides of his family, "in both cases they were determined to come to America to build something new for themselves." 

"The entire economy has been built on this idea from the beginning." 


The afternoon ended with Dave commending Blake for mobilizing and volunteering with

"When I first moved [to San Francisco] I was working for One Kings Lane," said Blake. "So, I have some startup exposure. This was an incredible opportunity, to hear from Mr. Morin personally. It was enlightening."

Join and mobilize with us. Your voice, like Dave and Blake's, is needed to urge Congress to pass meaningful immigration reform.


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