Why I'm Hacking With FWD.us

Posted by on November 15, 2013.


While I am passionate about a number of issues, immigration reform hits especially close to home.

My parents are originally from Hong Kong, and my mother came with me to the U.S. to build a better life for our family.

Unfortunately, being undocumented meant unexpected roadblocks, such as my parents having to return to Hong Kong when I was just a teenager.

While I remained in this country, several years later my immigration status made it difficult for me to work. I had strong coding skills -- and so was able to do freelance work -- but our broken immigration system limited my options.

After a year of waiting, I was finally able to be a beneficiary of DACA, which provided temporary documented status. And while I am grateful for the opportunities that DACA opened up for me, it also has its limitations.

For example, I’m not able to travel to Hong Kong to visit my parents, whom I have not seen in over 10 years. Immigration reform would allow me to finally see them again.

I have personally experienced the failures of our immigration system, and know that reform is long overdue. That’s why -- at the Hackathon -- I want to help build tools that keep our representatives accountable for their actions. It's always important to be able to relate to your customer when building out an application, even better when you're the target audience yourself. And I think that my experience and my skills is perfect for this Hackathon.

I’m excited to work with bright, like-minded people to contribute to a cause that is close to my heart. I can’t wait to see see what the other DREAMers and I are able to produce, and to share the creations with you.


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