#DemandAVote on Immigration Reform

Posted by on March 26, 2014.


Earlier today, House Democrats made a critical and reasonable request of House Republicans: allow votes this year on immigration reform.

The majority of Americans know fixing our immigration system will create American jobs, grow our economy, and do right by American families. FWD.us has applauded elected officials from both parties who are taking steps to fix our broken system.

We thanked senators who supported a bipartisan reform package last summer, and thanked House Republicans for releasing principles in support of reform earlier this year.

Today, we need supporters like you to join House Democrats by demanding a vote this year on immigration reform.

Call a key representative and ask them to demand a vote on immigration reform.

House Democrats took this critical step by initiating a “discharge petition,” which is a procedure to force a vote in the House. Starting the discharge petition increases the pressure to pass reform, and highlights that there is no reason to wait.

In short, it says that it’s time for a vote on immigration reform. We couldn’t agree more.

There is bipartisan support for immigration reform, and it’s easy to see why. Reform would reduce the budget deficit by almost $200 billion in just ten years, boost economic output, increase wages for the entire labor force and make our country more productive.

But to make these potential benefits a reality, the House has to act now on immigration reform. Make sure our elected officials know that we need it -- and expect it -- to happen now.


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