"We were strangers once, too." President Barack Obama speaking on Immigration Reform

President Obama's Executive Action A Crucial Step Forward

We applaud the President for taking critical steps to fix aspects of our broken immigration system, and we are encouraged by the President’s pledge to continue working to make it easier for entrepreneurs to create American jobs.

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What Executive Action Means

Millions of families

Rising wages &
A growing workforce

Boosting the GDP &
Cutting the deficit

Thank you. This was big, and it’s because of you.
But our work here is not done.

What FWD.us Supporters are Saying

Partner, General Atlantic Brett Rochkind

From the time my great grandparents came to this country, the U.S. has stood out in the world as the place where the world's best and brightest have come to seek a better life and opportunity to achieve their highest potential. Quite simply, immigration is the key source of the United States' global competitive advantage.

Union Square Ventures & Flatiron Partners Fred Wilson

It bothers me very much that the U.S., a nation of immigrants, a place where many new businesses are started by immigrants or the children of immigrants, a country that has historically welcomed others with open arms, has become closed minded when it comes to the issue of immigration.
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Partner, Tangelo Rebecca Altamirano

I am thrilled to hear about President Obama's announcement regarding immigration reform. My undocumented students and their families are some of the hardest working people I have ever known. I look forward to the day when they can come out of the shadows and be fully engaged and accepted in the vibrant communities that they helped build.

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