Patients First: Immigrant Innovations in Health Tech

Posted by on July 07, 2014.

Last week, we hosted a roundtable discussion event on health technology at the Impact Hub in San Francisco, California. The discussion, Patients First: Immigrant Innovations in Health Tech, featured over 20 participants. The event focused on tech contributions from the immigrant community and defined clearly the connection between health technology and immigration reform. Attendees discussed specifically recent developments in primary care, predictive analytics, health-tech related legislation and mobile applications. 

The discussion was led by Rishi Misra of Archimedes, Tia Gao of One Medical Group, and Justin Ip of Kerros Health. Each spoke to their respective sub-sectors and as immigrants themselves, were all uniquely positioned to appreciate both immigration challenges associated with entrepreneurship and contributions to health technology.

Join our next conversation on technology and immigration reform at an event near you. 


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