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Posted by on October 25, 2013.


On October 28th and 29th a broad group of leaders and immigration reform supporters are gathering in Washington D.C. for “Americans for Reform: Immigration Reform for our Economy, Faith and Security," an event to urge Congress to act on passing reform. The winner of our fly-in contest will join the coalition for meetings, panels, dinners, and visits to Capitol Hill over the course of the two day summit.

Today we're proud to announce the winner of our fly-in contest is Kyle Poulter, from Utah.

Kyle is an strong supporter of immigration reform and has been active in his own community advocating for change. This summer he was there when Rep. Jason Chaffetz first publicly came out in support of passing immigration reform, and he has been fighting hard all year.

There's multiple reasons Kyle supports immigration reform, the biggest being its benefit for families.

"It is good economic policy and smart public policy all around, but most of all, for me, it is about keeping and bringing families together and allowing those who want to work hard and contribute to do so," said Kyle. "I think that is a position that could and should resonate with many who are hesitant in the House."

He'll have the opportunity to bring this message to the halls of Congress next week.

"I know that many of my friends, my family, and my country will benefit from a smart and comprehensive overhaul of our current immigration system," said Kyle.

Kyle proved this summer he can be an influential voice for advocating immigration reform. He will be one of hundreds of leaders in our nation's capital next week sending a clear and unified message to Congress.

"I entered this contest because I am passionate about immigration reform and look for any opportunity I can get to share that passion with anyone, especially members of Congress and other decision makers," said Kyle. "We are so close to getting reform through Congress and want to do anything I can to get it through."

Do your own part to help demonstrate to Congress the majority of Americans support immigration reform, you can use our tools to contact them directly and follow #Ready4Reform on social media for updates on events throughout the summit.


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