Day of Action Recap

Posted by on September 12, 2013.


Our second immigration reform Day of Action took place on Tuesday and it was a huge success.

August was a great month in the campaign for immigration reform. And our Day of Action made it that much better.

Members of Congress just returned to Washington, D.C. from summer recess, and there’s a lot going on in the Capitol this week. But through the Day of Action, we made sure that the representatives who stood up for reform received thanks over the phone, on Twitter, and on Facebook.


Our Day of Action and the successes in August are both perfect examples of how when we all speak up together, we can truly make a big difference.

To highlight just how powerful August was, we put together a short video. There are some great moments in the video featuring people from CNN anchor John King to Arizona Senator John McCain. The Atlantic put it best: “Immigration reformers are winning August.”

The Day of Action further energized the immigration reform coalition to keep fighting towards our goal.

There’s a long road ahead before we can fix our broken immigration system. The House will have its own process for passing reform, and it could take several more months. This won’t be the last time we organize a Day of Action.

For the next one -- with the help of our incredible volunteers and supporters -- we will aim to make even more calls, and speak up more strongly on social media. That’s what we have to do to seize this opportunity to pass immigration reform.

Stay active with and volunteer to spread the word in your community.


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