Update: A Crucial Step Forward To Fix Our Broken Immigration System

Posted by on November 21, 2014.

Today, President Obama unveiled his plans for executive action on immigration reform at Del Sol High School in Las Vegas. I wanted to lay out what this means – and thank you for being the reason this happened.

We applaud the President for taking critical steps today to fix aspects of our broken immigration system that will mean millions of families can live their lives free from fear of deportation. It means families across America can come out of the shadows without fear and more fully contribute to our communities. It means we are focusing our resources on going after hardened criminals – not deporting parents just trying to make a better life for their kids. Moreover, we are encouraged by the President’s pledge to continue working to make it easier for entrepreneurs to create American jobs, and help keep the best and the brightest who come from around the world to study at our universities.

Today happened because of you.

Executive action means:

  • Nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants could be eligible for the programs announced this week that allow immigrants of any present age who were brought to this country as children to apply for three years of protection from deportation, and for work permits.
  • The GDP will increase by $90 billion to $210 billion and the federal deficit will decrease by $25 billion, by 2024. 
  • Average wages for all workers, both U.S.-born and immigrant, are projected to increase by $170 from these actions alone. 

This moment would not have been possible without the tireless work of grassroots immigration reform supporters. Countless calls, letters, town hall meetings, demonstrations, and petitions have kept immigration reform at the forefront of national discussion.

The tech community and FWD.us made today’s announcement happen because we utilized innovative advocacy tools for on- and offline organizing. We’ve been proud to help hundreds of thousands of supporters reach their elected representatives to send a clear message that the time for reform is now.

  • We’ve had over 350,000 different people make contacts to members of Congress and the President, both online and off.
  • We’ve hosted over 100 events across 15 states, and worked with partner organizations on hundreds more.
  • We’ve developed innovative advocacy tools – like Push4Reform, BuiltByImmigrants (BBI), and Selfies4Reform – to engage supporters creatively and help them interact with their elected representatives at the touch of a button.
  • We maintain chapter programs in 7 cities with tech hubs across the country; our robust chapters reach supporters across the country, actively engaging 8,000 members each month.
  • We’ve helped widely amplify the inspiring story of U.S. Air Force veteran Jesus – who was welcomed home from his military service abroad by news of his sister Alejandra’s detention – and their call for the President to act boldly on executive action.

Today’s announcement will have a monumental effect on 5 million lives, but our work here is not done. We have friends, family and allies who we fight alongside everyday for whom today will not bring relief – and that is exactly why we need to keep fighting.

These actions are no substitute for legislation, which remains the only way forward on the permanent solution to our broken immigration system our country so desperately needs. We’re thankful for the champions on both sides of the aisle who have worked in good faith with members of the tech community, DREAMers and their families, and so many other important voices on legislation. We are deeply committed to continuing our fight for the legislation our country needs.

But for today – thank you. This was big, and it's because of you.

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