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Posted by on October 18, 2013.

The coming weeks are a critical time to support immigration reform and keep urging Congress to take action. supporters are now active in cities across the country, finding innovative ways to showcase the need for meaningful immigration reform.

Today we are featuring supporter, Mele, who recently attended our meet up in Seattle. Watch this short video to learn about his background and why he supports immigration reform: will be highlighting the most inspirational content generated by supporters each week in an effort to show the scope of grassroots support for meaningful immigration reform. We're looking for all kinds of creative content to feature on our networks to increase the visibility of our collective efforts.

Can you take photos of immigration supporters and find out why they want reform now? Have you created a viral video or smartphone app that spreads the word about immigration reform? Maybe you are an artist and have created powerful artwork in your favorite medium that encapsulates what immigration reform means to you?

Everyone has a talent and we'd love if you shared yours with

To submit your own photos, videos, or other projects, tag your creations with #MoveFWD on Twitter or Facebook. You can also use our submission form on our Tumblr page, which does not require an account.


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