Clear Sign Voters are Ready for Immigration Reform

Posted by on May 06, 2014.

I want to congratulate Congresswoman Renee Ellmers on her resounding victory tonight. Despite being attacked by those opposed to commonsense immigration reform, Congresswoman Ellmers consistently articulated a solution to fix our broken immigration system, and tonight her constituents made clear their support for her leadership by overwhelmingly voting for her over her anti-immigrant primary opponent.

Poll after poll has demonstrated GOP support for a commonsense immigration solution that secures the border, ensures the best and the brightest can come here to grow companies and create American jobs, and once and for all provides an earned pathway to citizenship for the undocumented already contributing to our economy and our communities.

Congresswoman Ellmers’ commanding primary victory makes clear: the time is now for House Republicans to bring immigration reform legislation to a vote.

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