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Posted by on August 19, 2013. organizing events are now occurring across the nation for immigration reform, and we look forward to bringing you regular updates here on our blog. This past week our supporters in Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco met for strategy sessions that brought volunteer leaders, as well as new supporters, together to take action in support of immigration reform.

CHICAGO volunteers and supporters recently hosted their 6th meetup in the city. Friday night's strategy session was hosted by BenchPrep and kicked off by an introduction from Chicago Growth team volunteer leader, Ming.


At a volunteer's suggestion, everyone at the meeting made a call to Congress to voice support for immigration reform.

As a result of the strategy session, the Chicago team hosted a phone bank yesterday to ask people to commit to call Congress and to invite them to a Day of Action. The volunteers conceptualized and planned a Day of Action for Chicago on August 22nd. It will be led by "hub leaders" in the various neighborhoods of Chicago and is designed to encourage people to tell their stories about immigration reform. It'll be a day of many tweets, posts, and getting loud about the need for immigration reform.


The event ended late into the evening as volunteers stuck around to talk about their organizing plans.

The following Saturday, our Chicago Content team volunteer leader was invited to be the special guest of a talk back after a performance of Mojado, a critically acclaimed play about undocumented immigrants in its final showings. She and the assistant director had a talk about the play and immigration reform. She told her personal stories and shared why is so important to her and the other volunteers she's met. She did an amazing job and really moved the audience.



Last Tuesday, Boston supporters held their own strategy meetup at MassChallenge, a technology accelerator. Boston is off to a great beginning, with leaders ready to rally the rest of the city.


The majority of volunteers were new and many expressed interest in becoming team leaders. During the strategy breakout sessions, attendees formed volunteer teams which planned out Boston events for the rest of the month.


The Action team will host a volunteer-run phone bank on Tuesday, August 20th, asking people to commit to call Congress. On the following Tuesday, August 27th, the Content and Growth teams will co-host a volunteer-run meetup designed to engage supporters. They plan on setting up a video booth where attendees can drop in to record their immigration stories.


It was a productive evening in San Francisco at the strategy session last Wednesday. The meeting was a great opportunity to kick start the volunteer-run operation in Silicon Valley. It was also chance for new volunteer team leaders--Jen, Blake, and Andrea--to build, organize, and plan events for each of their teams. And it worked!


The event was held at the San Francisco Public Library, a central location in the city. Each of the volunteer teams was energetic and innovative, scheduling volunteer-run events and coming up with new ideas to make their voices heard in the immigration reform debate.


The Growth team planned a happy hour designed to recruit new members and spread the word about the importance of immigration reform.


The Content team spoke about meeting shortly for an "Op-Ed writing workshop" to get their immigration stories and viewpoints down on paper. They came up with a wide range of new ideas and are excited to plan additional content-focused events.


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