Brand Guidelines is an organization that promotes policies to keep the United States competitive in an ever-changing global economy. Given this dynamic environment, it is increasingly important for us to express a single, compelling voice in everything we do. We call this our brand.

Foreword us Introduction

The totality of the logo, visuals, and words we use to describe will enable us to establish and maintain a clear, unified brand identity, both within our organization and beyond.

This page provides general guidelines for the visual and verbal articulation of the brand, as well as specific directions for the application of our updated logo and related elements. We recommend that you refer to this guide whenever you develop marketing communications.

These rules are flexible enough for designers to be creative but rigid enough to keep the brand easily recognizable. Occasionally situations will call for rules to be bent, but never broken. Continuity is key.

This page is a template

Open up your toolkit or web inspector and poke around. The layout of this page is considered part of the brand.

Copy elements and re-use code.

The UI is driven by the Bootstrap front-end framework. You can use any elements found in that library on our site and they'll be styled according to the brand guidelines.

The new Red, White, and Blue Our Color Pallet


These basic tones can be brightened or darkened as needed. But don't get crazy.
Please note, our Red is actually closer to Orange and is in contrast to our light blue.

Download Pallet

Just your type Typography

Headlines are 42px Droid Serif while sub-headlines are sized 80% their parent headline and set in Open Sans Condensed. We use all-caps for sub-headlines to vary the tone and draw readers into the copy.

Body text is Open Sans with a generous 1.8em line-height for better readability.

Open Sans Condensed Droid Serif

Open Sans

Open Sans Droid Serif

Talk is Cheap1 Voice and Tone2

Politics is a sensitive subject, so the voice of is trust-worthy, persuasive, and (above all) casual.3

We use the different headings and paragraphs to differentiate voice:

  1. The opening sub-headline is casual, punny, a good cold open.
  2. The headline is more serious, direct, and to the point.
  3. Body text is friendly, but not too casual. When in doubt, write less copy for the body. Reading is hard.

Worth 1000 words Iconography

We use the Font Awesome icon library for all small app icons and special glyphs. Please see their documentation for proper use.

Large icons (>100px) have room for more details and should be treated as simple illustrations. Simple lines, shapes, and a monochrome colour pallet keep these consistent.

Animate SVG icons by adding the .drawnIn class to your image tag.

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