2014 Year in Review

America is a nation of immigrants. We need a fair immigration system that welcomes the most talented and hardworking people, that treats the children brought here by their parents with compassion and that consistently enforces our laws.”
Mark Zuckerberg
CEO, Facebook & Founder, FWD.us


We're incredibly proud of our hard work to move immigration reform forward in 2014

Nationwide chapters launched
Community events held
Tech companies engaged
Individuals took an action
Facebook and Twitter followers
Digital actions taken
Immigrants helped by Executive Action

Mobilizing the tech community

We helped build a digital and traditional grassroots movement to push for comprehensive immigration reform

Our organizing and policy teams engaged 1,000+ tech companies and held over 350 advocacy events in support of immigration reform

Our engineering team built a story-sharing platform to showcase the stories of 450 immigrants and their contributions to America

Our digital team drove over 2.2 million digital actions, including 55,549 petition signatures over eight days in support of Executive Action

“The tech community has an unmatched potential to produce the next generation of civic leaders, and it's been an incredible honor to help organize, train, and empower these passionate innovators.”
Lisa Conn
FWD.us National Organizing Director
ThinkFWD panel discussions are held quarterly in seven cities and feature experts speaking on
critical issues affecting the tech community. Here, Lisa Conn moderates FWD.us' Sharing Economy panel.

We fought for all immigrants

We continue to fight for a better legal immigration system as well as a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants

Raul, a single father in Arizona, is one of the 16.6 million people living in mixed status families waiting for relief from the fear of deportation of themselves or their loved ones.

Alejandro is one of the 11 million undocumented immigrants who awaits being able to earn citizenship; his undocumented status prevents him from fulfilling a lifelong dream to serve our country.

Rishi, a program manager at a tech firm and FWD.us ambassador, is one of an estimated two million people waiting in line for a green card, despite having lived and worked in the United States for eighteen years.

“President Obama announced executive action right after I received my H-1B visa. It's so rewarding to know that I spend every day fighting for my own community.”
Luna Atamian
FWD.us Eastern Chapter Director
On Veteran’s Day, military DREAMers, veterans, and service member families
visited Washington D.C. to advocate for executive action on immigration.

A solid win with executive action

FWD.us is proud to have played a role in encouraging President Obama to pursue bold and broad executive action

300,000 highly-skilled immigrants will now be able to make jobs changes more easily and their spouses will now have an opportunity to work.

A planned OPT extension for STEM students means more of the best and brightest foreign students can begin their careers in the United States.

Of the 11.3 million undocumented immigrants in our communities, nearly 5 million will be able to come out of the shadows.

“After working on this issue for seven years, the moment President Obama announced executive action on immigration was incredibly emotional for me - and also a reminder that we can't stop fighting.”
Alida Garcia
FWD.us Coalitions and Policy Director
On November 21, 2014 President Obama announced his executive
action on immigration at Del Sol High School in Las Vegas. Viola Olayinka,
Social Media Coordinator at FWD.us, watches from the crowd.

We are not done yet

With leaders in both parties, we will push to pass a series of bills on immigration through the House of Representatives in 2015

We stand with the 3 in 4 Americans who support fixing our broken immigration system; they understand the urgent need for reform legislation that works for the American economy and American families.

We're continuing to build a broad coalition of groups and individuals from diverse backgrounds and across the political spectrum, like tech entrepreneurs, businesses big and small, faith leaders, the agricultural sector, law enforcement, and citizenship advocates.

We continue to support strongly the President's executive immigration action and we'll work to defend any misguided and harmful legislation that would undo these actions and devastate families in the process.

“In 2013, we helped pass a bipartisan immigration reform bill through the United States Senate with sixty-eight votes. We then helped build a broad coalition in the House, and while ultimately unable to pass a bill, played a key role in pushing for executive action. Now, in the months ahead, we face a critical time where we must keep fighting.”
Todd Schulte
FWD.us Executive Director
Chapter members meet monthly in cities across the country to innovate
new ways to bring tech and politics together. Here, San Francisco
team member Pawan talks about ways to improve advocacy efforts.
This is the most important immigration move in almost 50 years — since the change to the immigration law in 1965.
Jorge Ramos
Lead news anchor, Univision

[FWD.us is] among the most effective advocates that I’ve dealt with. They have the staying power, the willingness to work, the ability and willingness to focus on the issue like a laser and not get confused and sidetracked by partisan issues. To me, they have been, frankly, a breath of fresh air.
Rep. Diaz-Balart

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